Twenty-three Countries Worldwide

WORLDWIDE - 23 countries have requested and received BlackWing Farms' Remedies - a BELGIUM shelter being the latest and greatest! 

By the numbers @ BWF:

22 years in business.

23 countries WORLDWIDE!! How did THAT happen? The short answer: We never give up on anyone. And you all share your love.

24 different species... from Canines to Equines plus all sorts of Felines and Avians and Rodentia... gotta love them all... because YOU do!

PLUS *** Incalculable numbers of lives saved and injuries prevented in:

100's of facilities, some with populations in excess of 800 Animals with 400 active volunteers,

10's of 1,000's of homes and farms,

100's of 1,000's of your Animals and Companions.

You are there for them; We are here for you.

HELPING HUMANS ONE ANIMALS AT A TIME, a downloadable book of stories and studies. Also in paperback here.  And on

Now working on a companion piece:


(Photos are my Son's family's 2 Rescues = the Pit mix, Shorty Boy was in 7 previous homes and shelters by age 2. SEVEN. Look at the Old Boy now!)


Cool Youtube Video of BWF in action @ The Gentle Barn helping a slaughterhouse rescue! a 1.450 pound rescue!!