Negotiating Part 3

Give me 2 minutes to Prove that Happily Ever After is Possible


Gathering information about our Animals is primarily discovering what makes them = each individual Animal = feel safe (in balance with their environment) and sound (fully in a state of homeostasis) manifested as good choices showing us what makes them happy - Play, Toys, or Food  as we learned in previous post.

Moving forward = How do we use this personal information to influence their behavior? This is mutual co-operation, not manipulation. Remember, you are partners! Using THEIR personalized reward system of Play, Toys, and Food; get ready to escalate. But first, let’s address any CHRONIC OR STUBBORN issues / difficulties that don’t seem to be changing? 

When you need faster results = cut training time from 3 weeks to 1 week? HELLO SHELTER LIFE!! Allow the mind, body and emotions the best chance at positive, lifetime results. Flower Essences absolutely can do that and are beyond excellent for ALL emergency situations including Rescues and Rescuers... Self-splashing is highly encouraged! After all, we are Animals too. And who is to say that people are not part of their problem. Just an observation.

= Flowers to the Rescue =

Dr. Edward Bach, 1930’s homeopathic physician and bacteriologist, was the first to bring to light and make popular his studies of blooming flowers using sunshine and water to activate their qualities assisting mankind with his mental, emotional, and physical health. His premise was that most ‘dis-ease began in the mind’ then manifested (and stored itself) in the body, then quite often acted out later in maladapted, unhealthy behaviors and that this dis-ease could be dissolved with the Essence of a Flower.

Aside Fun Facts:: READ ABOUT A HOST'S BODILY BEHAVIORS UNDER THE CONTROL of a Rabies virus, the Toxoplasma parasite, and a 419,000,000 year old bacteria = with survival skills way smarter than ours - I call them Gypsies in the Palace!! 

Bach wanted to help prevent people from becoming physically sick and to gently calm his patient’s “personality extremes.” I have studied Dr. Bach and his research for 54 years now. I have read his books, his research, his biographies, even the letters he wrote to his colleagues sharing his discoveries. Dyed in the wool Nerd here. 

Good news is you do not have to believe it, nor give permission, in order for (properly prepared) Essences to work beneficially for all pets and people. Sadly, there are counterfeits out there – ask questions of their sourcing and preparation practices.

Sharing 2 of my favorites for The Consequential Pet:

#1 – Arnica Montana Flower Essence because it actually dissolves the negative memories stored in our Animals. Trauma and its memories of mental and physical abuse are stored in the body and under the right (or wrong) conditions can re-activate those memories and cause unwanted thoughts and subsequent behaviors that are beyond the individual’s control, some of us refer to this as ‘lack of impulse control caused by triggers.’ Personally, I care less about treating the symptoms of  these outbursts and more about eliminating the cause. Certain Flowers do eliminate negative memories replacing them with positive virtues benefitting the personality and its healthy behavior. MORE INFO HERE - Fun Read.

#2 – Dandelion Essence because it is so darn cheery and optimistic. It blooms forever and is next to impossible to kill because their taproots can be up over 2 feet deep. Plus step on them and they happily spring right back up. Joyful gift that keeps on giving = proliferation. Just one fun fact: a single Dandelion flower can produce 5,000 seeds and travel up to 5 miles away. They are an early spring tonic for cleansing sluggish blood, giving fresh energy. And eaten for nourishment well after other plants are covered with snow. Thus perfect for the personality that appears unhappy and without options. The Eyore of the group. For shelter Animals and all Rescues with shelteritis, sadly called: FAILURE TO THRIVE. 

          Cat in Behavioral Quarantine and Yes - that hole in the plexiglass was all the fresh air this NYC Dog got all day long for months @ this very well funded shelter while the CEO of this .org makes more than $1,000,000 every year (for years now).

Yes - ONE MILLION DOLLARS - Call me and I'll tell you who he is.

Spray your hands for gentle touch and light massage, fur is fine – no need to apply to skin. Mist any of your Flower Essences and blends over their body, down the legs, and under the belly. Never the eyes, nose or genitalia!! Spritz a few puffs on your treats and toys, grooming equipment, bath water, drinking water, or meals. Also, think about spraying your hands before picking up your leadropes and leashes to ensure more of a quality time while together. Use before, during and after any stressful event. GREAT FOR FIRST TIME MEET ‘N’ GREETS! Spray yourself!

MAKING a Flower Essence is as EASY as 1.2.3. Flowers. Water. Sunshine. Place a few Flowers or leaves in a glass bowl with water. Set in the sunshine for 20-60 minutes. Strain and use within 3 days or add 70%+ preservative (brandy, vinegar, vegetable glycerin).

Possibility to be in a positive, loving relationship versus your partner thinking back (default thinking with actions to follow) to the last ‘partner’ who hurt or disappointed them. With Essences, we can clear the air once and for all by di-solving the negative memories and default thinking! Give them the chance to give you a chance to LIVE TOGETHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Worth repeating here: 

Love doesn’t mean we always know what we are doing; It means we are willing to learn.